Thursday, May 29, 2008

My first ultrasonography

Generally USG is done after 4 or 5 months. But due to the mishap I had during my 3rd month, I had an early USG.

(I had always craved for twins. My mom had only added to the craving as she used to always tell that either me or my sis would have twins as it is in our family history. I used to tell Abbas and Ma (my mom-in-law) also that there are chances of us having twins. But they would take it very lightly…)

On 11th December, before going to bed I had told Abbas, “Hey we would knowing for sure tomorrow if we have twins or not”. He said, “Come on Seemu, you are flying too high. Forget about twins, Let us hope everything is fine in there” … The next morning when I was getting ready to go to the clinic, Ma also said (in a pulling my leg tone) “We would be knowing if you have twins”…

Ma accompanied me to the clinic. Abbas had to leave as he was getting late for work. I went in, the doc smeared a gel on my tummy and move “that thing” over. She saw the screen and slowly whispered to her assistant ‘Jamaj’ in Bengali. I asked her “Are there twins?” She said “Yes” with a smile. And believe me I was on top of the world. She showed me the screen. I could see two kidney bean kinda shaped close to each other. My bladder was not full and the picture was not clear. She asked me to drink more water and wait outside. When I came out and told Ma, she first thought I was kidding… I said I’m serious. She had a mixed reaction of happiness, surprise, worry. I called Abbas and told him “We’re having twins!!!” He was awestruck and said “WHAT???” I said “Yes we are”. I called babu (my dad-in-law) who was at home. He was happy to hear it too. And by the time we reached home, he had called up all of our relatives and given them the news. I was soooo very happy that day, I SMSed to all my friends and shared with many of my colleagues my reason for joy.

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