Thursday, May 29, 2008

My first trimester

I had learnt from experienced mothers and also the mother care books, that first trimester comes with nausea, morning sickness and other kinds of symptoms. But luckily for me I didn’t have any of these in the first trimester. In fact everybody who knew that I was pregnant would only exclaim, “How lucky!!!” when they learnt that I didn’t have any discomforts. The only craving I had was to sleep. I could sleep till any length. Those were the days… Nothing helped to sink in the feeling of being a mother. My tummy was also almost the same.

As the first trimester almost ended, I suddenly had to go through all symptoms of pregnancy. I would puke each morning after having breakfast. I had to have Mother Horlicks (which I hate to the core). The memory of it still makes me sick. Abbas made me eat boiled eggs, banana and horlicks for breakfast. I missed my office bus daily as I took a looong time to eat and then burst it all out. Yucky stuff… eeecks

Those days made me feel giving birth to a child is not that easy…

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