Thursday, May 29, 2008

Contest of guessing the sex of babies

Here are a few guesses:

Rashmi Maity – One of my colleagues who is damn sure that one of the babies is a boy. She has also gone one step ahead in forecasting that I would have the naughtiest of kids who would keep me on my toes and pull the hair off Abbas’ and my head.

Moutusi Sarkar – Another colleague of my mine who believes that her instincts don’t fail her. She used to initially say that I would have both baby girls. Then slowly drifted to ‘one girl for sure’.

Shaila – my dad’s cousin i.e. my aunt who also has given birth to twin girls. Her sixth sense predicts that I’m gonna have both baby boys. According to her, I’m the fifth in our family tree who would be giving birth to twins. The first twins were both boys, second – boy and girl, third – both girls, fourth – boy and girl, fifth (me)- ??? So, logically in this series of ‘twins’ progression’, T4 (fifth term) should come to both boys…

And now coming to the sweetest of the guesses is of my darling niece Ummi. She says she’s gonna have two sisters. My in-laws are hoping for a grandson and her words catch on their nerves. Her dad admonished her and asked her to say that she would have a bro and a sis. Poor her, repeated what her dad asked her to say. And then she slowly whispers her secret to her Pi (me) and Pa (Abbas) that she knows its gonna be two sisters. And why she heartily wishes for two sisters is because they would play with her. She doesn’t want brothers because they would go out to play and pick up bad habits like smoking… How thoughtful of her…

If anybody else has any guesses, please feel free to attempt as there is still 10-12 days of time left before the results are declared. Contest is still open guys.

To conclude with the post, Abbas and I have no such preferences. All we want and pray is to have two healthy babies. Please wish the same for us.

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Sandeep said...

My guess 2 baby boys.. very healthy and very naughty :)