Tuesday, April 6, 2010

About ‘The Best Baba’ in this world

I had concluded my previous post looking forward to Abbas’ arrival and how curious I was to know ManTam’s reaction to see their Baba after 3 months. To my awe and his glee, they swiftly clinged on to him as though were demonstrating magnetism. Instantly I turned green with envy recalling how my daughters treated me on seeing me after a short absence. Well, nature enriches a woman with endurance, tolerance and forgiveness as soon as an embryo forms in her womb. People talk about the greatness of a mother, how she carries her child for 9 months, gives birth to it, feeds it, yada yada yada… But when I see Abbas, I am awestruck at the way a father is emotionally attached to his offspring although what connects him with it is his sperm, if you think of it logically!

I know Abbas for 6 years now. Till I became pregnant, I had never imagined how he would be as a parent. In one of the older posts, I have described Abbas as the to-be father. Initial months after ManTam’s birth were really hard for us due to lack of sleep. These days are generally spent by the mother at her parents’ place which was not a privilege for me. Abbas went through sleepless nights in helping me feed and nurse the babies. It was very arduous for him. I would empathize with him only to hear him consoling me saying “Because you can’t be with your parents at a time like this, I’m trying to give it my best shot Seemu.”

Other than carrying and giving birth to them, Abbas has done all that I have done for ManTam. He has had his hand at bathing, feeding, changing diapers, preparing food for them, cleaning up their potty; to name a few. When he is around, I am very relaxed as he even ensures that they intake ample quantity of water. Some of his attributes as a father puts me to shame and gives the mother in me, guilt pangs. For instance, I insist on going out for a movie or say shopping once in a while leaving kids at home with in-laws. He dislikes it but is compelled to surrender to my wish of spending some lone time together. There are times when both or one of them have not eaten properly and gone to sleep and Abbas would not feel like eating his meals while I hog mine as if it was quite normal.

Post marriage, I had conferred on him the title of ‘The Best Husband in this world’. I had no clue then that he would soon be promoted to be ‘The Best Baba in this world’.