Sunday, June 26, 2011

My fairies turned 3!

My kids’ 3rd birthday was round the corner. We had huge plans for their birthday. Last two years’ celebration was restricted to just family, prepared some good food and 2 cakes! Ever since they joined the crèche, they had been part of their peers’ birthday celebration and would come home with return gifts. They would ask me when they would be celebrating their birthdays. This year, June 8th was going to be a Wednesday. They joined school starting June 6th. Their birthday was celebrated in advance at their crèche where they had lots of friends. It was on 3rd which was their last day at the crèche before hopping on to school. After a lot of brainstorming and surfing around the blogosphere, I finally went with my very trusted Zebra cake. I topped it with some Chocolate frosting and concluded with a note ‘Happy birthday Mantam’ using whipped cream.

Second celebration was on 8th where we had them distribute toffees at school. Sticking to traditional values, I made a Payasam / Payesh on that very day.

Final celebration was at home where we had a small get-together with friends, colleagues and relatives. Unfortunately there were no kids in the guest list. So we had organized a few games for adults. We did all the decorations and preparation ourselves. Abbas suggested that food and cake will be brought from outside. I somehow couldn’t give in to the idea of people coming home for lunch and not eating my cooked food. We ended up in a win-win negotiation. I could cook a few dishes which would be easy for me to rustle up and not dedicate huge time in the kitchen. Rest would be outsourced. Finally we had Naan, Matar Paneer, Dal Makhani and Kheer ordered. I prepared Mint Coriander Ghee Rice, Methi Murg, Tomato Chutney, Boondi Raita, Salad, Papad at home. Last but not the least was the birthday cake which I was adamant on baking on my own. I intended to stick to the protocol of baking 2 cakes but on second thought stuck to just one. I’m glad I chose the ‘Celebration Chocolate Cake’ by Hershey’s. It truly was decadent and won me accolades. I must say it was one of my best after Chocolate Honeycomb Cake.
 PS: For recipe of this cake - plz click here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Incidents to be remembered - Part 3

Have been collecting some of their acts or words that brought a smile to our face. Before they fade from my memory, here I document for future reference:

  • It was when they were barely 2 years old and had just then begun rolling their tongues to speak. They were very timid and hardly socialized. Mannat was very clingy and would throw tantrums if any stranger came close to cuddle her. We were in Chennai and I had got them admitted to a play school where they would be going just for 2 hrs a day. It really helped them in coming out of their intimidation. Well, first day on the way back from school I made them walk a long distance. It was as though all the Chennai Autos had abandoned that street for the day. Suddenly an Auto appeared out of nowhere and before I opened my mouth to call out for it, I heard a frail voice doing the honours for me... It was Tammu saying 'Aaaatoooo Aaaatoooo'. I burst out of laughter looking at her plight.

  • The repeater bug has bitten Mannu hard lately. She would repeat everybody's words and mock at people in the same tone. Once when she kept on doing this to me I exclaimed ' Tu repeater hai tu??' Ever since whenever she repeats my words, she automatically adds the suffix phrase - 'Tu repeater hai tu?' leaving me dumbfounded with a smile on my face.

  • I was putting them to sleep, me lying in between the two of them. Mannu pulled me to turn towards her and I obliged. Tammu pulled back from the other end as if they were game for a tug of war. I politely tried to make Tammu understand saying I will face her once Mannu is asleep (coz Mannu was on the verge of falling asleep sooner) My statement offended Tammu and she turned away from me while she said "I'll get another mommy for myself". Wooohooo! Had never expected it this early though. When I told Abbas, he innocently said "I never could muster the courage to tell you such a thing all these 5 years. Look at my daughter's guts!!!" Phew

  • Most of our favourite material things at home have a name. Like I said in one od my earlier posts, our car's name is Bulu. All Mannu Tammu's dolls have a name each (easy coz they only have a handful of them) The biggest of all being Sunny the teddy bear. Then there are Baby Girl, Baby Boy. The former being Tammu's child and the latter Mannu's (Children get easily exchanged among themselves depending on the mood of their mommies...) Now one day Abbas brought out from the wardrobe Johnny (it's a small noddy that I hade made and presented Abbas) Ever since Tammu's baby is neglected and she is so much in love woth Johnny. Mannu 'Bechari' carries both Baby Boy and Girl... One day Tammu was singing lullaby to Johnny and told me that she was gonna put him to sleep. With intention of pulling her leg, I advised "Why don't you put on diapers or else Johnny will pee on the bed". She seriously gave it a thought and replied "But Johnny doesn't have diapers". I asked "Where is Johnny's father?" Bang came the reply without any ado as though she had answered this question a hundred times before this. "Paadal (father) has gone to office" I was intrigued by her answers and was in a mood to continue this Q&A session to see how creative she can get. I said, "Take my mobile and call Johnny's father. Ask him to get diapers when he comes." She sincerely took the mobile, pressed a few buttons and held it to her ears. She said "Paadal Paadal... Bring diapers for Johnny, Okay?" She told me "Mamma, Paadal will bring". I asked again "Tammu, when is Johnny's birthday?" Instantly came the answer "September"! I was amazed... She said he is sleepy and went to bed with him covered herself and Johnny in a blanket. After a couple of mins, suddenly she came out of the blanket with a very frustrated look on her face and was about to leave the room. I asked her "What happened Tammu? Where are you going?" She said "Mamma, I can't handle Johnny any more. I am gonna go to office. Let the Paadal take care of him!!!" I silently whispered 'God bless my real grand children!!!'

  • There are times when I ask them something and I get dumbest of answers. My instant reaction would be 'Tera sir! (sir as in head in Hindi') One day Tammu asked Mannu some question and Mannu gave a foolish answer. Tammu said 'Tera sir hai'. And guess how Mannu retorted?! She said 'Tera pillow hai'... Lol

  • When we come back home on weekdays, my doemstic help washes all the tiffin boxes. I invert the boxes and the lids and jumble them up. Mannu Tammu are given the task of matching the lid and the box and keeping the boxes in kitchen cabinet. Tammu is such a lazy bum, she is a master of pretexts. As I would reject all her pleas for not doing the task... she finally came up with the cutest of all pretexts - "Mamma I am not Big. I am very small... I'll do it when I become big"
Lot many incidents to pen down. More in posts to come...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nyu Kool - Promotion from Creche to Nursery!

They are going to school now. Yes they have grown ‘Big’! It’s as though my butterflies have come out of the cocoon and ready to take flight… The mommy in me is concerned about outside world that they would be facing head on. Abbas and I aspire to be the kind of parents they could easily confide in. Ofcourse friends are friends and parents can’t become their kids’ “friends”. But I believe parents should not build a firewall around themselves and make the kid hesitate to approach them. We would like to build a healthy camaraderie with them so that they know we are always there for them whenever the need be.

I was not there with them on their first day at the new school. Baba was handed over the responsibility of accompanying them. Daughters’ tears make him go week in the knees. He has always chosen to stay back home during each of their vaccination trips or had he come along by chance, he was nowhere to be seen when we were called in. Well, I was mentally preparing them by chanting to them all the time that they would be joining a new school and how fun it would be… I weaved stories around the new school and narrated to them during bed time. Finally the D-Day (more for the Baba than his fairies) came. They went in all excited and when the rest of the kids cried even they joined the chorus. Perhaps they thought it was part of the protocol and they had to abide by it. Abbas would have shed litres of tears then and there but the man in him came to rescue. He somehow controlled the urge to barge in and get his daughters back home!

When I went to pick them up in the evening, the teacher told me that they had begun asking about Mamma and Baba from 4 o’ clock. And Tammu would ask Mannu, and Mannu would mumble words of consolation to her and she would be content!!! This is their second week in the new school and Baba was upset yesterday that his daughters did not wave at him instead swiftly marched in and disappeared from his view. The teacher and the caretakers told me they were the best of all kids in the school. They are so disciplined that they even put back toys in place after they are done playing with them. I was a proud Mom listening to her and wishing she could go on for some more time as her words were so pleasing to hear at the end of a strenuous day!

They are learning new things now at school. Tammu today told Mannu – “Once upon a time, there lived a Mannu”. Mannu admonishes Tammu when she does silly things saying “No Baby. Don’t do it”. I could instantly determine it to be the tone of their teacher… Mannu pulls Tammu’s legs by mockingly calling her “Dhamanna”. On inquiring I came to know some girl Arushi addresses Tammu like that. Tammu got pissed off and said “Aye Mannanna”

Lots of new developments in them are going on and I need to catch up, will be posting here often!