Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nyu Kool - Promotion from Creche to Nursery!

They are going to school now. Yes they have grown ‘Big’! It’s as though my butterflies have come out of the cocoon and ready to take flight… The mommy in me is concerned about outside world that they would be facing head on. Abbas and I aspire to be the kind of parents they could easily confide in. Ofcourse friends are friends and parents can’t become their kids’ “friends”. But I believe parents should not build a firewall around themselves and make the kid hesitate to approach them. We would like to build a healthy camaraderie with them so that they know we are always there for them whenever the need be.

I was not there with them on their first day at the new school. Baba was handed over the responsibility of accompanying them. Daughters’ tears make him go week in the knees. He has always chosen to stay back home during each of their vaccination trips or had he come along by chance, he was nowhere to be seen when we were called in. Well, I was mentally preparing them by chanting to them all the time that they would be joining a new school and how fun it would be… I weaved stories around the new school and narrated to them during bed time. Finally the D-Day (more for the Baba than his fairies) came. They went in all excited and when the rest of the kids cried even they joined the chorus. Perhaps they thought it was part of the protocol and they had to abide by it. Abbas would have shed litres of tears then and there but the man in him came to rescue. He somehow controlled the urge to barge in and get his daughters back home!

When I went to pick them up in the evening, the teacher told me that they had begun asking about Mamma and Baba from 4 o’ clock. And Tammu would ask Mannu, and Mannu would mumble words of consolation to her and she would be content!!! This is their second week in the new school and Baba was upset yesterday that his daughters did not wave at him instead swiftly marched in and disappeared from his view. The teacher and the caretakers told me they were the best of all kids in the school. They are so disciplined that they even put back toys in place after they are done playing with them. I was a proud Mom listening to her and wishing she could go on for some more time as her words were so pleasing to hear at the end of a strenuous day!

They are learning new things now at school. Tammu today told Mannu – “Once upon a time, there lived a Mannu”. Mannu admonishes Tammu when she does silly things saying “No Baby. Don’t do it”. I could instantly determine it to be the tone of their teacher… Mannu pulls Tammu’s legs by mockingly calling her “Dhamanna”. On inquiring I came to know some girl Arushi addresses Tammu like that. Tammu got pissed off and said “Aye Mannanna”

Lots of new developments in them are going on and I need to catch up, will be posting here often!

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RS said...

Hey! Seems like they have adjusted well already! If they didnt look back at Abba :-)

I think I've said this befoer but I can imagine their faces when Tamu gets angry or Mannu is teasing her :-)

LOVE the kids... Do tell them I asked! (Do the remember?)