Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finally they arrived

Contractions had begun a week before their arrival... I was not sure they were contractions actually. So I kept it to myself for a day. The next day I wanted to take the burden off me and learn if it was normal. I told Ma and she said you immediately call the doc and tell him how you are feeling. Her anxiety doubled up mine, a ring to Dr. Ranjit Roy and he prescribed an extra dose of Duvadilan which I was already consuming thrice a day and to see him the very nexy day. We were all expecting that the doc would get me admitted and get the operation done. I felt like it had been ages since I'm pregnant. I was too much exhausted and the long wait was something both Abbas n I wanted to do away with. Abbas would always tell me - "Seemu, It has been too long...h bring them out now!"

We visited the Doc on 3rd June and he calculated that 6th june would mark the completion of 37th week of my pregnancy. He wouldn't operate before that (which disappointed us) coz after 37th week we would be out of the risk zone and could hope for a safe delivery (which brought a little patience back that we had lost completely) 7th June was a Saturday which according to Ma was inauspicious. We all agreed upon 6th June and I was to get admitted on the very day.

On 4th June the news channels flashed "BANDH for the next two days". And Abbas started looking for Ambulance services so we could make it to the nursing home JUST IN CASE. I was worried about how "going in an ambulance" would make huge news in our housing and that it would spread like forest fire. On 5th night Abbas and I were telling each other - "Our babies would have been born by this time tomorrow" and savoring the feeling. I packed up stuff as though I was going for a long vacation. I couldnt sleep the whole night as I was only looking forward to the sun rise. I was so very thrilled to meet my babies and was ready with my baggage before everyone else.

Abbas went out to see if there were vehicles to commute. He came back with an autorichshaw which took us to Bhagirathi Neotia Mother and Child Care. After the initial admission formalities, I was given the official gown to wear. All the sisters were asking if I was having heavy pains. They were I went through the USG and I was taken to my room. Dr. Ranjit Roy came to my room and saw the USG reports. He said that one of the foetus' placenta hadn't matured and we had to wait. He advised me to be on rest and I would go through CTG.

Abbas dropped his jaws with the doc's comments. All the enthusiasm tranformed into frustration. I spent another day alone (ofcourse with the sisters, house keepers, food delivery boys, nutritionists, doctors on the rounds IN and OUT) taking absolute rest watching TV, reading and got 2 CTGs done in the mean time. Ranjit Roy came on Saturday the 7th, saw the CTG reports and said "I'll do it tomorrow." That night I pestered Abbas to stay back with me. After dinner I was told not to intake even water after 2 am. I couldnt sleep that night either. Was simply looking at the clock and counting down hours, asking so many questions to the sisters who would come in for the routine checkup. I was 100% excited, 0% scared. And every body would tell me "Do not to worry Seema. Are you scared? Everything will be alright." I would say "I'm fine. I'm not afraid of the operation. On the contrary I can't wait to get operated!" (Least did I know then that it would lead to humungous pain)

Ma - Babu (my in-laws) and Kakima and Kaku (Bhabhi's parents who love me like their own daughter) were the ones present that day.

I was taken into the OT. The doc asked me "Do you want to be fully unconscious?" I said "No, gimme spinal anesthesia. I wanna be partially conscious coz I wanna see my babies as soon as they come out." I was slowly getting dozed with the anesthesia but I was trying hard to be up and try to sense what's happening. The first baby came out and started crying and the next minute the second one. I asked if they were fine. A surgeon told me they were. They brought a baby girl to show me and I kissed her. And I don't remember anything else after that until they were "wrapping up". When I got my senses back I asked a surgeon what sex was the other baby? He said we showed you both the baby girls na? I said "Yes" although I didn't remember... I could only think of Babu and Ma then and wondering how they are (They were expecting a grandson) When I was being taken out of the OT to my room I saw Abbas waiting for me outside and I asked him "Have you seen the babies?" He said yes. And the next thing I asked "Are Babu Ma fine? What was their reaction?" He said "They are Ok" with a smirk.....
So this post has been the lengthiest of all and to conclude, Finally They Arrived.
More to come up in the next post......