Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Context Mismatch

I was busy cooking in the kitchen and left kids in the drawing room with colouring book and crayons. When I came back to check on them, I noticed that Tammu had coloured Grapes with brown colour. I asked her “Tammu, what colour are grapes?” She said “Green Mamma” I asked “Then why did you use brown colour?” She diligently said “Because my stomach was aching Mamma!” Duh??

Recently Pizza fever has taken over my daughters. I have promised them that I will order Pizza very soon. I asked what Pizza would they like to have? (We have never ordered Pizza home so far or have visited Pizza joint ever with them but I have made at home a couple of times) They say “We would like to have Cheese Pizza” I explain to them that all Pizzas are made of Cheese, but Pizzas could be topped with Chicken or Paneer or Veggies or Mushroom and the sort. They picked Paneer. I said “But your Baba doesn’t like Paneer na?” And Mannu says “Yes Mamma. That’s because Baba is a boy” – And I always thought Paneer was gender neutral!

Tammy bumped her head into something and was in pain. Her genius Baba fumbling for medicines, caught a Volini Pain Relief and smeared on the affected area. This ointment is quite strong and will cause a burning sensation. Tammy says “Ye medicine Teekha hai” (Meaning this medicine is spicy) And Mannu in a similar situation some other day sais “Ismein onion hai kya?” (Is there onion in this?”) when something caused irriatation in her eyes. – Talk about limited vocabulary!

Abbas has entered into an ATM and three of us are perched in Bulu (our Car). I saw a cute baby and showed them “Look look, a small baby”. Pat comes Tammu’s analysis “Ye baby milk nahi peeta hai. Isiliye abhi tak big nahi hua hai!” – Proactive root cause analysis! (Well all those mantras that I chant while feeding them milk – Milk piyega to Mannu Tammu big, strong, intelligent, sharp, witty, smart, beautiful, pretty ho jayega came back to me.)

I had kept some hot food covered with a lid on the dining table. During the meal, when I removed the lid, its bottom was full of vapour droplets. Tammu says “Ye lid mein rain aa gaya kya?” – What a correlation!

One of my colleagues peeled a pomegrante and fed them in the office bus on the way back home. At home, MIL was grating coconut and they had a mouthful each. When I asked what they were eating, Mannu said “Cocogranate!” Fusion of words u c? (By the way I liked the way cocogranate sounds)

I decided to treat them and took them to a juice parlour on the way back home. On entering the shop, I tried to show off being a sweet mommy by asking them “Bachhon, what juice would you like to have?” Tammu said “Mamma, I want Rasagulla juice!” (Yeah I had made Rasagulla Payasam for a change on their birthday, that doesn’t mean they make everything out of Rasagullas)


RS said...

Wrong post title - what was mismatch in all of them? So wonderfully co-related. And I loved the rain and the eyes irritation logic - how well they are able to express themselves.

Love love love them! :-)

Seema Kamath alias Seema Abbas Ali said...

@RS - Their own way of communicating re! Waiting for Chutku to start framing sentences. You'll have great fun figuring out the context....