Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why? When? What? Where? How?

“Millions saw apples fall, but Newton asked why.” - Bernard Baruch

I choose to be an optimist while I answer the incessant questions barraged on me by not-one-but-two 3 year olds. And my mind has to channelize its thinking in different directions as both the kids choose NOT to speak about a single subject at any point of time. Both demand attention at the same time and expect an answer from me on the spur of the moment. One of the virtues of being the mommy of twins, I guess!

They are generously spending the WH words as if they are serious about taking up quizzing as their career option. It’s fun most of the times, I swear. It gives us enormous pleasure when we see the rational skills developing in them. Citing examples - One day after braving a traffic jam, Abbas sped up on a vacant road and immediately Mannu asked “Why is Bulu* moving fast?” I answered her saying that there was not much traffic. When we got stuck in the next signal, she inquired again “Is there traffic jam now?” While Tammu pitched in “Where is Jam? Where is Jam?” She must have been hungry! One of them asked “Why is the police uncle wearing a mask?” I said “It’s because uncle has to stand there amidst dust and he will fall sick!” After a few days they spot a traffic police without a mask. “Mamma, this uncle will fall sick na? See he is not wearing mask”

Then there are constant questions about day to day activities. Why I keep veggies in the fridge? Why I do not keep potatoes and onions the fridge? Why they are not supposed to waste water? Why are they supposed to brush their teeth? Why they have to put toys back in place after playing with them? Why is Baba not coming home yet? The questions are endless. These days, I even get enquiries about how I made a particular dish that they liked. Whatever silly statement I utter, they have a cross question ready. For instance, I say “I am hungry” and I get a “Why are you hungry Mamma?” I say “OMG, it’s raining” and I get a “Why does it rain Mamma?” I try to explain in simple terms as in “One cloud was coming from left and other from right, they bumped into each other, that’s how it rained” “Why did they bump into each other?” I wanna tear my hair!!

Sometimes, my patience is consumed up to its brim when I ask them to do something and they utter the momentary dreaded word “WHY???”. Taking advantage of my authority being their mother I sternly say “Because ‘I’ told you so!” When I decide to revive terms with my patience yet again I do try to convince them why I behaved the way I did.

Hoping that their questions never cease to come my way and I will be capable enough to fairly answer their queries and not lose out on patience. Hence, ending with another quote by Frank A.Clark – “There's nothing that can help you understand your beliefs more than trying to explain them to an inquisitive child” How true!

*Bulu – is the name of our car.


Anonymous said...

Oh didnt you read my why should say what RD does to R...asks her to ask her amma..and so you tell the twins...ask your dad ;) he is the know it all :)

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. Now, please don't ask me 'why' I loved it! :) :)

I am yet to go through this and so now I can happily laugh at the agony you go through. When my turn comes, you should sympathise with me, okay??!! :) :)

RS said...

haha! Yet to get there and I will breathe easy until then :-) Have fun!!!!

Seema Kamath alias Seema Abbas Ali said...

@RM - Hehe, I should try RD's tactics!

@S&S - Thanks. Yes, will certainly sypathize with you dear. But it's double fun at the same time too.

@RS- Yes, Enjoy maadi till then!